The Knave of Hearts

Played by Michael Socha


Somehow the roguish Knave of Hearts wound up in Storybrooke, Maine with the cursed inhabitants of The Enchanted Forest, and he had gotten fairly comfortable. That is until The White Rabbit arrived, telling him that he had to help save Alice. Reluctantly, The Knave followed the Rabbit to Victorian England to spring Alice from an asylum and to take her back to Wonderland. The Knave of Hearts isn't exactly beloved in Wonderland--there are plenty of people who'd like to see him dead—but he grudgingly agrees that his debt to Alice is one he must repay.


Michael Socha hails from Derby, Derbyshire, England and is a fresh face in Hollywood. He is best known for his role as Tom McNair in the popular UK series Being Human for the BBC.

Socha's television credits include Inspector George GentlyUndercoverHomefront and This is England 1988, which resulted in a BAFTA win for Best Mini-Series in 2012. He also appeared in This is England 1986ParadoxDiveThe UnlovedMarried.Single.Other.Coming Up and Casualty.

In 2008 Socha played Daniel in the BAFTA Scotland winner for Best Feature Film, Summer. He also starred in Better Things, the indie film Dogging, A Love StoryThis is EnglandCutShankBreak ClauseBonded by BloodTwenty8kSpike Island and most recently Svengali.

Socha trained with the Carlton TV Workshop and has a National Diploma of Performing Arts from Burton College.