All-New Episode "To Catch a Thief" Airing THURS MAR 27 8|7c

By Micheline Goldstein Mar 20, 2014

In flashback, The Knave hunts Alice per Cora's directive and he finds himself striking a deal to get his heart back, while in present day Wonderland, Alice and the Knave’s friendship is tested as he does Jafar's bidding and steals from her. Meanwhile, the Jabberwocky attempts to free herself from Jafar’s control and Jafar is confronted by his former partner, on Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, THURSDAY, MARCH 27 8|7c on ABC.

"To Catch a Thief" guest stars Peta Sergeant as The Jabberwocky, Zuleikha Robinson as Amara, and Raza Jaffrey as Taj. Watch what happens during Jafar's first encounter with The Jabberwocky:

Find out why saving Amara led to Cyrus becoming a genie:

How Cyrus Became a Genie|All magic comes with a price.|After Cyrus and his brothers steal healing waters from the Well of Wonders to heal their dying mother, the Well's guardian, Nyx, hunts them down and curses them.