TCA: Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Talks to the Critics

By Aaron Welsh Aug 04, 2013

Today, cast members Sophie Lowe (Alice), Michael Socha (Knave of Hearts), Peter Gadiot (Cyrus / genie), Emma Rigby (The Red Queen), Naveen Andrews (Jafar), and Executive Producers Eddie Kitsis, Adam Horowitz and Zack Estrin were on hand to answer some questions for the Television Critics Association (TCA) in Beverly Hills. Much was went over but the majority of the questions centered on the characters and how Once Upon a Time in Wonderland connects to the whole Once Upon a Time universe.

Read on for more photos from the panel and the inside scoop on Once Upon a Time in Wonderland!


Executive Producer Adam Horowitz


This show is meant to be a closed-ended story that will run concurrently with the existing Once Upon a Time universe said Adam Horowitz. The series is planned to occur post curse and will have some crossover (including Cora / the Queen of Hearts making a cameo in a flashback).

Central to the story is Alice (played by Sophie Lowe) and her journey to rescue her love, a genie named Cyrus played by Peter Gadiot. "We never wanted Alice to be a damsel in distress. She’s going to go back down that rabbit hole and find her man, sword in hand.” – Adam Horowitz

Sophie Lowe plays Alice


"She’s tough, mentally and physically, and she can look after herself” said Sophie Lowe, reinforcing the idea that Alice is not a naive wide eyed girl in need of rescuing.

Along with Alice, the show plans on having more of Lewis Carroll’s beloved characters come to life including the Cheshire Cat, the Caterpillar (voice by Roger Daltrey of "The Who" fame), and regular appearances by the White Rabbit (voiced by John Lithgow).

New Revelations / Things to Know:

  • While the show's creators say that they have "an open door" for Sebastian Stan, the actor who guest starred as The Mad Hatter on Once Upon a Time, they understand how full his schedule has become. Regardless, they say they would never do an incarnation of the character without him
  • The story does not take place in historic Victorian England, but rather a fictional Victorian England as well as Wonderland.
  • Once Upon a Time in Wonderland will be true to Lewis Carroll’s original material, but make no mistake, they are telling their own story.
  • The White Rabbit is going to be just like any other character with a rich full back story.



"For us, Wonderland is like a psychedelic romance. It has twists and turns…it’s a roller coaster" – Adam Horowitz

"She’s tough, mentally and physically, and she can look after herself." – Sophia Lowe’s take on the character of Alice

"Story and character come first. If you can nail the character and tell the story in time, what you can achieve is incredible." – Adam Horowitz