The Looking Glass: Dirty Little Secrets

By Steve Dove Mar 14, 2014

This episode took us not only to Wonderland but to the mysterious realm of Agrabah where it turns out not only Jafar comes from, buy Cyrus as well. There were several shocking revelations about Cyrus' past and how he, and his two brothers, became genies in the first place.

It turns out that Cyrus was a bit of a rogue before he became a genie, not shying away from cheating or stealing if he felt like he needed to. But when one of his schemes caused his mother to be badly burned, he enlisted his brothers in stealing water from the Well of Wonders. The Guardian of the Well, Nyx, didn't take kindly to the theft and cursed the three young men as genies. And in an even bigger shock, Cyrus' mother is Amara, the same sorceress who would later train Jafar and teach him about the spell requiring three genies!

Alice overhears Cyrus' conversation with the Guardian of the Well, and even though he's ashamed of the mistakes he's made in the past, Alice pledges to stay at his side. Their mission to save Wonderland has become incredibly personal for Cyrus as it now involves not only saving his two brothers, but apparently his mother as well!

But the heroes of Wonderland are going to have a tough time stopping Jafar. He's got all three genies and all three bottles thanks to the help of The Jabberwocky, so there's not much standing in his way. Can Alice and Cyrus rescue The Knave, The Red Queen, Cyrus' brothers AND his mother, Amara, whom Jafar transformed into his serpent staff?