Abigail / Kathryn Nolan

By Steve Dove | Sep 4th, 2012
Kathryn NolanPrincess Abigail
The Daughter of King Midas, Princess Abigail hasn't wanted for much of anything. With a father who can create gold with a simple touch, there's not much that's unattainable. When Prince Charming defeated the dragon that had been terrorizing the King's lands, he offered Charming and his father, King George, great wealth and his greatest treasure, his daughter's hand in marriage. Neither Charming nor Abigail were very excited about the idea, but both were bound by duty to their people. At first Charming thought Abigail's disinterest came from snobbery, but the truth was much more. She had loved a knight in her father's service named Frederick, who had been accidentally turned to gold while protecting her father. When Prince Charming broke off their engagement, Princess Abigail helped him escape from King George's soldiers. In gratitude, Charming faced the Siren of Lake Nostos to retrieve some of its magic water and used it to free Frederick. Charming left the reunited lovers as a friend.

Kathryn Nolan
For as long as she could remember, Kathryn's husband, David, had been missing. She was shocked to discover that all that time he had been lying in a coma in Storybrooke hospital. But her joy at finally being reuinted with her husband was short-lived as his memory was slow to return and he seemed to find a deeper connection with Mary Margaret Blanchard, a volunteer at the hospital, than with her. Her marriage with David had been in rough shape when he had disappeared, but she had hoped to reconcile. But when word of his affair with Mary Margaret reached her from her new friend, Regina, she decided she had to leave him—even though she forgave him. But Kathryn disappeared on her way out of Storybrooke. Then her heart supposedly turned up in a jewelry box belonging to Mary Margaret. MM was charged with Kathryn's murder and the "evidence" was hard to deny. But it had all been a frame-job perpetrated by Regina and Mr. Gold, who had abducted Kathryn and set her free just before Mary Margaret was to be hauled off to Boston for a murder trial. Kathryn had no idea who had taken her or what had happened, but Sidney Glass took the fall for the abduction, claiming it was his attempt to be a local hero and get his job at The Daily Mirror back. In the end, Kathryn still decided to end her marriage with David, but stayed in Storybrooke to find a new chance at happiness there.

First Appearance -  Season 1, Episode 3: Snow Falls

Anastasia Griffith
In her career in television, Anastasia has been a regular or recurring guest on several popular shows including Royal Pains, Trauma, and Damages. Her latest work includes the BBC drama Copper.


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