Anton aka Tiny

By Steve Dove | Feb 12th, 2013


Anton aka Tiny
Anton lived as the smallest and youngest amongst a family of giants. His brothers would often tease him, nicknaming him "Tiny" and mocking his fascination with the humans and their treasures. Even his eldest brother, Arlo, insisted that Anton focus on more important things, like the tending of the magic beans the Giants grow that allow beings to travel between worlds. Arlo warned that the humans were not to be trusted and would use the beans to pillage and plunder the many realms. But Anton grew tired of always being teased, so one night he climbed down the beanstalk to the surface of Fairy Tale Land. There he met Prince James and Jack, who greeted him warmly and said he would be welcome to stay with them as their new friend. They even gave him a piece of a Wonderland mushroom to shrink him down to their size. Anton at last felt like he fit in.

While speaking with Jack and Prince James, they revealed that the kingdom was in dire need of money. Eager to help his new friends, Anton suggested that he give them a portion of the vast treasure the Giants held in their castle in the clouds. Prince James and Jack eagerly accepted the offer, and Anton returned to his normal size as the mushroom's magic wore off and climbed the beanstalk back to his home. But shortly after Anton began gathering some treasure to take back to his new friends, the alarm was sounded. The humans, led by Jack and Prince James, had followed him. Anton had been deceived--Prince James and Jack were merely using him. The humans attacked with poisoned blades, killing all of Anton's fellow Giants. Arlo ordered Anton to destory the magical bean fields to prevent the humans from pillaging other worlds. When he returned, he found Arlo dying, stabbed by Jack with her poisoned blade before he was able to kill her. As he lay dying, Arlo entrusted Anton with the last magical bean sprout and told Anton that one day he would find the poper place and time to sow a new field.

Anton continued living alone in the castle, hating the humans for what they had done. He was there for many years until Emma and Captain Hook climbed the beanstalk in search of a magical compass to help them reach Storybrooke. Emma used a magical sleeping powder to knock Anton out while they searched for the compass, but he soon awoke and chased after them. He managed to trap Hook, but then fell victim to a cage he had rigged to snare intruders. Emma threatened him with Jack's poisoned sword and Anton gave her the compass. But when Emma spared his life, she proved to Anton that not all humans were wicked. She freed him in exchange for him delaying Hook. But somehow, after Emma left, Hook was able to steal a last magic bean from Anton. It was old and shriveled, but Hook and Cora found a way to make it work. Cora was also able to shrink and trap Anton for the voyage to Storybrooke, caging him aboard Hook's ship, The Jolly Roger.

After Hook was captured by Emma in Storybrooke, David and Mary Margaret forced him to take them aboard The Jolly Roger. There he revealed Anton, sleeping in a cage. The heroes freed Anton, but as soon he saw David, he was enraged. Anton was convinced that he was Prince James! He fled, but Regina found him. She gave him a piece of a Wonderland mushroom that restored him to his giant size and Anton went on the hunt for revenge. With Emma out of town, it was up to David, Mary Margaret and Leroy to stop a rampaging Giant, which they finally did. The mushroom's magic wore off and the heroes convinced Anton that he was welcome in Storybrooke. He returned their kindness by telling them about the magic bean sprout. Leroy and the other Dwarfs took Anton in as one of their own as they began to ready a field for planting magic beans. As Anton took hold of a Dwarf pickaxe, the name Tiny appeared on its hilt. Suddenly the mystery of Anton's slighter stature was solved--he wasn't a Giant at all, but a Dwarf!

First Appearance - Season 2, Episode 6: Tallahassee

Jorge Garcia
Many fans remember Jorge as Hugo "Hurley" Reyes on ABC's LOST. He was also a series regular on Becker and has done guest appearances on several shows including Curb Your Enthusiasm and Spin City.


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