Princess Aurora aka "Sleeping Beauty"

By Steve Dove | Oct 5th, 2012
The beautiful and daring Aurora found herself the victim of a sleeping curse cast by the wicked Maleficent. While trapped in her magical slumber, The Evil Queen cast The Dark Curse, transporting everyone in The Enchanted Forest to Storybrooke, except for a small area of the land that was somehow protected. Luckily for Aurora, she and her beloved Prince Phillip were among those that were spared. When Emma broke The Curse and time began to move again in Fairy Tale Land, Phillip was finally able to free Aurora from the sleep spell using True Love's Kiss. When Aurora awoke to a post-Curse land, she met Phillip's traveling companion, a mysterious warrior named Mulan. The trio also encountered a Wraith—a soul-sucking creature that marked Phillip. The courageous Prince allowed the Wraith to take his soul in order to keep Aurora and Mulan safe, but leaving Aurora to wonder if there was more to her beau's relationship with Mulan than just friendship.
While grieving for Phillip's absence, Aurora and Mulan found Mary Margaret and Emma from the place that brought the Wraith. Mulan took them as prisoners, and the group moved to Lancelot's camp. Lancelot recognized Snow White from the past and allowed her to continue her journey to Storybrooke, under one condition that she must take with her Mulan, his best warrior. However, Aurora felt it was unjust to let Mary Margaret and Emma go without holding them responsible for Phillip's death. Ignoring Mulan's request to stay with Lancelot in the camp, Aurora tried to attack Mary Margaret with a knife. After misunderstandings were cleared, Aurora joined the party to find a portal to Storybrooke. 
During the journey, Aurora kept dreaming nightmares of a burning room. It was later known that the room was where people under the sleeping curse experienced after waking up. Aurora met Henry there, exchanging vital information despite getting burning scars on her arm. While attempting another encounter, an ambush occured and Cora took her as a hostage. No longer the damsel in distress, Aurora adamantly refused to cave into Cora's threats. Captain Hook released her later, but only after taking her heart so that Cora can control her. Thinking that she may put the group in danger, Aurora volunteered to lock herself in Rumplestiltskin's cell. Mulan later retrieved her heart from Hook, who caught it before it almost fell into the portal. Reunited, Mulan and Aurora continued their journey with the hope that Phillip may be saved after all.
First Appearance -  Season 2, Episode 1: Broken

Sarah Bolger
Fans will recognize Sarah from her recurring role as Mary Tudor on The Tudors. She's also starred in several films including The Spiderwick Chronicles and The Moth Diaries.