Killian Jones aka "Captain Hook"

By Steve Dove | Oct 22nd, 2012
Captain HookKillian Jones
Captain Killian Jones was a pirate, known for traveling all over, when he met Rumplestiltskin's wife, Milah. She had lost any feelings she'd had for her husband, especially when he returned from The Ogre Wars in shame as a coward, and fell in with Captain Jones and his crew. The meek and frightened Rumplestiltskin begged Killian to release Milah back to him, but the Captain insisted that they duel for her instead. Rumple was too afraid to risk a duel with the deadly pirate, so he left to raise his son, Baelfire, on his own. Years later, after he had become the new Dark One, Rumplestiltskin stumbled upon Captain Jones again. This time he was more than happy to duel, thanks to the magical powers he now posessed. Killian bravely fought a losing battle, but just as Rumplestiltskin was about to tear out his heart, Milah appeared to make a deal. She had fallen in love and had been living with Captain Jones the whole time, and now they had a magic bean that could transport them to another world. She offered it to Rumple in exchange for Killian's life. Rumplestiltskin seemed to accept, but when Milah admitted that she had never loved him, he tore her heart out, killing her. Then he cut off Killian's hand to retrieve the bean he held. Killian attacked Rumple with a hook, but it was not enough to hurt The Dark One. The Captain swore he'd have revenge for the murder of his beloved and for his hand, but Rumplestiltskin taunted that he would never live long enough to find a way to kill him. But Captain Jones had tricked The Dark One. He still had the magic bean and used it to open a portal to Neverland, where he would never grow old, giving him all the time he needed to plot his revenge.

After the casting of The Dark Curse, Killian conspired with  Cora to find a way to get to Storybrooke and get his revenge there. Their history went far back since the time  Regina ordered him to take Cora's heart out in Wonderland. Cora soon found out about the plan and brought Killian over to her side, witholding her reunion with Regina until later. When the time came, Cora gave Killian the task of finding the magical compass before he was caught by  EmmaMary MargaretMulan, and  Aurora. He accompanied them as a prisoner, leading Emma to the beanstalk where the giant  Anton kept his treasures. Although the two successfully obtained the compass, Emma left Killian in handcuffs at the beanstalk to buy her some time. Killian later redeemed himself to Cora by stealing Aurora's heart, leading them to Lake Nostos with the ashes of the magical wardrobe. They were yet again stopped by Emma and Mary Margaret. During their fight, Killian saved Aurora's heart from falling into the portal. While Mulan returned the heart to Aurora, Emma and Mary Margaret took the portal to Storybrooke. Cora and Killian earned their second chance when she revived Killian's old magic bean with the waters of Lake Nastos. The two sailed together to Storybrooke in Killian's ship, The Jolly Roger.
In Storybrooke, Killian kidnapped Archie to question him about Rumplestiltskin's weakness. After Killian's failed attempt to capture Belle, his mate Mr. Smee brought him Baelfire's shawl. Unable to search for his son without the shawl, Rumplestiltskin angrily went after Killian to murder him. Luckily, Belle helped retrieve the shawl before Rumplestiltskin could do further damage. While Belle and Rumple bade farewell, Killian came back to shoot Belle, pushing her outside the border. She lost her memory as a result, but outsider  Greg Mendell drove into Killian with his car and sent everyone to the hospital in chaos. Still, Killian did not stop his quest for revenge. He went after Rumplestiltskin in New York, fnally stabbing him with his hook. To his surprise, Killian found Rumplestiltskin alive yet again after  Tamara and Greg caught him. Killian agreed to help them against Rumplestiltskin, but he couldn't hide his disappointment when Tamara said she killed  Baelfire. Earlier in the Fairy Tale Land, Killian had saved Baelfire from the open sea. He tried to convince the boy to stay with him and travel together. However, Bae was angry with him for tearing his family apart and Killian released him to the Lost Boys soon after. Killian now joined forces with Mr. Gold, Regina, Emma, Mary margaret, and David to return Henry back to safety.
First Appearance -  Season 2, Episode 4: The Crocodile

Colin O'Donoghue
Colin has had roles in several series including 24 and The Tudors. He also had a role in the feature film The Rite with Sir Anthony Hopkins.


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