Cinderella / Ashley Boyd

By Steve Dove | Oct 1st, 2012
Much like the story goes, Cinderella was the struggling young girl stuck cleaning up after her cruel stepmother and stepsisters until, one night her Fairy Godmother came along. And BLAM! The Fairy Godmother exploded and in walks Rumplestiltskin. He makes a deal with Cinderella, offerring her the chance at the life of a Princess in exchange for the promise of her first-born child. Desperate to change her fortunes, the girl agreed, went to the ball and fell in love with Prince Thomas. When Cinderella becomes pregnant, Rumple appears to let her know their deal still holds. Desperate to save her child, Cinderella concocts a plan with Prince Charming, Snow White and The Blue Fairy, to trap Rumplestiltskin by offering him a new deal. The maniacal magician seems to buy it and is trapped by The Blue Fairy's magic, but just as Cinderella is relieved that her baby is safe, Prince Thomas disappears. Rumplestiltskin, it seems, knew exactly what was happening, and had further plans for the girl and her baby.

Ashley BoydAshley Boyd
When Emma came to Storybrooke, Ashley Boyd was much like she had been several years before--pregnant and alone. Her rich boyfriend, Sean, wasn't seeing her anymore after they'd gotten pregnant and his father refused to let his son have any more contact with her. Further, she had signed a contract giving Mr. Gold rights to her unborn baby, which she now regretted. Ashley tried to steal her contract from Mr. Gold and run out of town, but she ended up going into labor and crashed Ruby's car. Meanwhile, Gold had hired Emma to find the girl because she had taken something valuable from him. Emm had no idea it was Ashley's baby! Nevertheless, Emma took Ashley back to Storybrooke Hospital where her baby was delivered safely. Emma promised "a favor" to Mr. Gold, one she still owes to this day, in exchange for him releasing his claims to Ashley's baby. Finally, Sean stood up to his overbearing father and re-entered Ashley's life. He later proposed to marry her on Valentine's Day.

First Appearance -  Season 1, Episode 4: The Price of Gold

Jesse Schram
Jesse Schram has had recurring roles in several series including Veronica Mars, Life and Falling Skies and starred in the film Unstoppable. She can now be seen in the new ABC drama Last Resoirt.


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