Daniel (The Stable Boy)

By Steve Dove | Oct 8th, 2012


Serving in the noble house belonging to Henry and Cora, Daniel was a simple stable boy. He encountered Regina often, as she loved little more than horseback riding. The two of them fell in love, but they were forced to keep their romance a close secret because of Cora's ambitious and controlling ways. One day, as the young lovers were having a picnic, they spied a young girl trapped on a runaway horse. Regina rode off to save the girl, who turned out to be Princess Snow White.

The girl was quite taken with her new heroine and spoke highly of Regina to her father, King Leopold. The King insisted upon meeting Regina, and when he did, proposed to marry her. Regina's mother, Cora, greedily accepted. But Regina didn't want to marry the King, she wanted to stay with Daniel. He offered to take run away with her, giving her a simple brass saddle ring as his own engagement ring. Young Snow White heard Regina and Daniel, but Regina made her promise not to tell anyone. Cora, suspecting something was amiss, tricked Snow into revealing Regina's secret. She confronted Regina and Daniel in the stables as the two lovers were about to elope. For a moment it seemed as though they had convinced her to let them go, but then she suddenly ripped Daniel's heart out of his chest, killing him right before Regina's eyes. Regina would never forgive her mother or Snow White for the death of her true love.

Daniel briefly came back to life after the curse because of Dr. Whale. Yet Daniel wasn't his real self. He ripped off Dr. Whale's arm and escaped to the stables, where Henry was taking care of his horse. David and Regina followed him, and Regina begged David to let her handle the situation. When Daniel remembered the pain of getting his heart ripped out, he started to strangle Regina. Regina barely managed to whispher the words "I love you" before he released her. He then asked Regina to stop the pain, and in tears, she sent him back to death.

First Appearance - Season 1, Episode 18: The Stable Boy

Noah Bean
Noah has been a recurring star on several hit shows including Damages and Nikita.


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