Dr. Victor Frankenstein / Dr. Whale

By Steve Dove | Oct 1st, 2012
Dr. FrankensteinDr. Victor Frankenstein
In his travels, Jefferson somehow stumbled upon Dr. Frankenstein. When Regina confessed that she wanted to learn magic so that she could bring her fiance back from the dead, Jefferson brought her the doctor. Dr. Frankenstein said that his procedure required an enchanted heart like the ones Regina's mother, Cora, was so fond of plucking from people's chests. Regina took Jefferson and the doctor to her mother's vault where they selected a heart. Dr. Frankenstein attempted his procedure with Daniel, but it failed. Regina was so heartbroken that she was able to continue learning dark magic from Rumplestiltskin, no longer held back by her hope for love. But the whole thing had been one of Rumple's plots. The doctor was paid for his part in fooling Regina with an enchanted heart to take back to his own land. He used the heart to bring his dead brother back to life, with disastrous results. His bother Gerhardt ended up beathing their father to death, and with the little conscience left in him, he pleaded Victor to point the gun to this head. Even so, Dr. Frankenstein remained convinced that science, not magic, was the most powerful force.

Dr. WhaleDr. Whale

Every town small town has one: a mysterious bad boy known for a bit of sleazy womanizing. In Storybrooke, that's Dr. Whale. On staff at Storybrooke Hospital, we first met Dr. Whale when he was on rounds, keeping an eye on the comatose John Doe. He couldn't help but take an interest in the lovelorn Mary Margaret, who gave him a shot. But when he spent more time checking out Ruby than paying attention to her, Mary Margaret wrote off the doctor. He also was the first to call Mayor Regina Mills when it seemed as though John Doe, later revealed to be David Nolan, might be waking up. Later, when David and Mary Margaret had resolved not to see each other anymore, Mary Margaret even had a one-night-stand with the not-so-good doctor. When Henry had eaten the poisoned turnover baked by Regina, Whale struggled to save the boy's life, but wasn't able to find any medical explanation. After The Curse was broken, Whale led an angry mob after Regina, demanding she suffer for cursing everyone. The mob was scattered by Emma, Mary Margaret and David, but Dr. Whale remained defiant, telling David he was "not HIS Prince."

When word spreads around Storybrooke that the other lands have actually NOT been destroyed by The Dark Curse, Dr. Whale insisted that Regina send him back to his so that he could be reunited with his brother. She responded that she couldn't do that even if she'd wanted to, so he stole one of her enchanted hearts from her vault and used it to reanimate her beloved Daniel in hopes of gaining her favor. Unfortunately, Daniel came back as a mindless and terrifying monster who tore off Dr. Whale's arm and Regina was forced to destroy him. Dr. Whale sought help from Mr. Gold in repairing his arm. The deal-maker asked that Dr. Whale admit that he "needed magic," which the doctor had little choice but to do. In exchange, Mr. Gold magically repaired the severed arm, making the doctor whole again.

First Appearance -  Season 1, Episode 3: Snow Falls

David Anders
Fans will likely remember David Anders for his recurring role as Adam Monroe on Heroes. He's also had recurring roles in series like Alias, 24 and The Vampire Diaries.