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Granny (Fairy Tale Land)
The Granny of Fairy Tale Land isn't quite the helpless old lady you may have read about. For starters, she's a dead-shot with a crossbow. She raised Red Riding Hood by herself in a small cottage in a rural village. She told Red that her parents had died and insisted that she always wear her red cloak and stay indoors at Wolfstime. Red always thought Granny was being overprotective, but in truth, Granny was protecting everyone else! Granny had once been a werewolf herself, though age had made the curse fade. But Red had become a werewolf as well, the curse having been passed down from parent to child. The red cloak didn't keep wolves at bay, it had an enchantment that kept Red from becoming the wolf. But the rebellious girl slipped out without her cloak, convinced that her boyfriend, Peter, was the werewolf. When Red was transformed that night, the wolf killed the defenseless Peter before Snow White and Granny could get the enchanted cloak back on her. Red felt betrayed that Granny had lied to her and ran away from home. The two reconciled later and joined Snow White and Prince Charming as some of the leaders of their kingdom.


Granny (Storybrooke)

Everyone goes to Granny's diner, bar and hotel in Storybrooke, so everyone knows Granny. She is as feisty and tenacious as her granddaughter and head waitress, Ruby, despite her age. When August offered to take Emma out on a ride on his motorcycle, Granny was more than ready to volunteer herself. She and Ruby clashed over Ruby's desire to go find adventure, with Ruby even quitting her job for a time. But Ruby quickly changed her mind and went back to Granny who graciously accepted her with open arms, even telling her she planned to turn the place over to her when the time came.

First Appearance - Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot

Beverley Elliot
Beverley has a long career in film and television with roles in series such as Harper's Island, The X-Files and V. She's also appeared in several feature films like 2012 and The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants.


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