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By Steve Dove | Sep 5th, 2012
GrumpyDreamy / Grumpy
Grumpy wasn't born "Grumpy". He emerged fully-formed from an egg, just like all dwarfs in Fairy Tale Land, but unlike the rest, a bit of fairy dust hand landed on his egg first. Dwarfs do one thing and love it: mining to make fairy dust. But when this dwarf took hold of his pickaxe, it named him Dreamy because he dreamed of doing more. He was the first and only dwarf to want to do anything other than mine, and the others would try to get him to keep his head out of the clouds. But when Dreamy met Nova, a bumbling and adorable fairy, he did something else dwarfs never did—he fell in love. And Nova loved him back! But The Blue Fairy and Bossy the Dwarf convinced Dreamy that he would be keeping Nova from reaching her dream of being a fairy godmother if they stayed together. Torn, he decided he loved Nova too much to let her dream be taken away, so he gave up his own and went back to work in the mines where a new pickaxe changed his name to Grumpy. Later he would meet Snow White in King George's dungeon and he would introduce her to his seven brothers. He became one of her closest friends and is fiercely loyal to her, including following her when she went to see Rumplestiltskin for a way to kill The Evil Queen.

Just like in Fairy Tale Land, Leroy isn't known for his good moods. His job as a janitor and his love of binge drinking didn't help. He also had a dream of fixing up a boat and sailing as far away from Storybrook as he could get, but he wasn't making much progress. Then he stumbled upon Astrid (Nova), a clumsily cute nun, and he fell in love. He bent over backwards to help Mary Margaret (Snow White) sell candles for the Sisters when Astrid's mistake made them short on their rent to Mr. Gold (Rumplestiltskin). When going door-to-door and every other traditional sales method failed, he took drastic action and caused a blackout. The power outtage made candle sales a breeze and the profits saved the Sisters from their unforgiving landlord.

After the Curse was broken, Leroy reunited with his six dwarf brothers. But one of them had crossed the Storybrooke border and lost his memory from Fairy Tale Land. Without a moment to celebrate, Mary Margaret and Emma were also transported to the Enchanted Forest. In efforts to save them, David, Leroy, and the dwarves grouped together to find fairy dust in the Storybrooke mines. While Leroy discovered it after hard work, Regina and Mr. Gold soon stole all of the fairy dust to block the portal in the wishing well. Henry begged Regina to stop at last minute, which returned Mary Margaret and Emma to safety. Also from Fairy Tale Land, Anton joined the team of dwarves after realizing that he mistakenly took David for James. With the last remaining sprout of the magic bean, Anton and the dwarves toiled the land to return everyone back to Fairy Tale Land. Yet again, Regina discovered their plan, burning all but few magic beans to the ground.
First Appearance -  Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot

Lee Arenberg
Fans will recognize Lee Arenberg from his role as Pinzel in the Pirates of the Caribbean films opposite Johnny Depp. He's also been a guest star on numerous TV series including Seinfeld, ER, and CSI.


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