By Steve Dove | Sep 19th, 2012
Henry Henry
Henry was a noble in the kingdom of King Leopold. Together with his wife, Cora, he raised young Regina on their family estate. But while Henry garnered respect as the patriarch of the household, it was truly Cora and her sorcery that ran the family. Some time after Regina had married the King and arranged for him to be killed, Henry was taken prisoner by The Queen of Hearts. Hidden away in her vault in Wonderland, Henry was unable to escape until his daughter, now The Evil Queen, and Jefferson rescued him. Henry and The Evil Queen thanked Jefferson for his help by stranding him in Wonderland. From then on, Henry served his daughter as her faithful steward and confidant. But when the time came for her to cast The Dark Curse, she was forced to choose between her revenge against Snow White and her love for her father. Despite his pleas, The Evil Queen tore out Henry's heart and sacrificed it to the Curse, showing she would truly do anything to have her vengeance against Snow White.

First Appearance -  Season 1, Episode 2: The Thing You Love Most

Tony Perez
With a career in film and television dating back to the 1960s, fans will recognize Tony Perez from recurring or guest roles on series including Hill Street Blues, NYPD Blue, Six Feet Under, 24 and Sons of Anarchy.


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