Jefferson aka "The Mad Hatter"

By Steve Dove | Sep 5th, 2012
jefferson fairy tale landJefferson (Fairy Tale Land)
When we first meet Jefferson, he's a loving and devoted single father, scraping by in a little cottage with his daughter, Grace. Then The Evil Queen shows up. The two of them clearly have a past and she needs him for a job. At first he declines, but when he realizes he can't afford to provide comforts for Grace, he agrees. The job is to use his magical hat to transport him and The Queen to Wonderland. Once there, they bust into The Queen of Hearts' vault and steal a small box. When they get back to the doorway Jefferson's hat has created, The Evil Queen feeds a bit of mushroom to something in the box and her father, Henry, grows to full size. Jefferson realizes he's been double-crossed, because the hat can only transport the same number of people both ways. Regina and her father abandon Jefferson in Wonderland where he is brought before The Queen of Hearts and his head is removed. Still alive, he's forced to work endlessly on hats, trying to recreate his magical one for eternity and separated from his beloved daughter.

jefferson storybrookeJefferson (Storybrooke)
The Jefferson of Storybrooke lives alone in a mansion on the outskirts of town. He's been trapped there by Regina's (The Evil Queen) Curse, one of the only people who knows the truth about his real life. He's even been given a telescope so he can watch his daughter, called Paige in this world, as she lives with what she believes is her real family. When Mary Margaret (Snow White) attempts to escape from jail as the evidence against her in Kathryn Nolan's (Abigail) apparent murder piles up, Jefferson kidnaps her and then Emma. He knows Emma is the one who can break the Curse and he tries to force her to create a magic hat like the one he used to have so he can go home with his daughter. Emma thinks he's crazy and she and Mary Margaret escape, forcing Jefferson into hiding. He reemerges to demand that Regina reunite him with his daughter. She says she will re-make his life in Storybrooke, helping him to forget his real identity and letting him live with his daughter, if he helps her retrieve something. Then she pulls out his magical hat. He uses it and the last few bits of magic Regina has left to grab the poisoned apple from Fairy Tale Land, moments after Snow White is forced to bite into it. Regina uses the apple to bake a poisoned turnover to give to Emma, but when young Henry eats it instead, she uses her grief as an excuse to back out of her agreement with Jefferson again. He knows he can't kill her or The Curse will go on forever, so he gets even by breaking into the lower levels of Storybrooke hospital and freeing Belle, telling her to find Mr. Gold and tell him Regina was the one who had imprisoned her.
After Emma broke the curse, Mr. Gold brought magic back to have the Wraith take Regina. Emma, Mary Margaret, and David tried to stop this by sending the Wraith back to Fairty Tale Land in Jefferson's hat. Meanwhile, Jefferson roamed the streets of Storybrooke until he rain into Henry. Henry told him to go see his daughter since she got her memory back. Upon his advice, Jefferson and Grace finally reunited.
First Appearance -  Season 1, Episode 17: Hat Trick

Sebastian Stan
In television, Sebastian Stan has had recurring or guest roles in several series including Kings and Gossip Girl. In film he has starred in Black Swan, The Apparition and Captain America: The First Avenger.


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