Jiminy Cricket / Dr. Archie Hopper

By Steve Dove | Sep 4th, 2012
Jiminy CricketJiminy Cricket
Believe it or not, Jiminy wasn't always a cricket. He once was a puppeteer and grifter, traveling through Fairy Tale Land with his parents, picking pockets and fast-talking locals out of their money. But he never felt comfortable living the life of a traveling thief and he was always looking for a way out. He thought he had found one when Rumplestiltskin offered him a potion that would deal with his parents, but his father used sleight-of-hand to slip the potion to their latest marks, turning two innocent people into wooden puppets. The people were parents to a young Geppetto. Horrified at what had happened, Jiminy wished upon a star for an escape and The Blue Fairy answered. He was turned into the talking cricket we all know now, and devoted his life to helping Geppetto, and later his son, Pinocchio, do the right thing. He became a trusted member of Prince Charming and Snow White's inner council that was called when The Evil Queen declared her intentions to cast The Dark Curse.

Archie HopperDr. Archie Hopper
In Storybrooke, Jiminy is known as Dr. Archie Hopper, a local therapist. He has been counseling young Henry who has shown signs of being deeply unhappy in his life with his adoptive mother, Mayor Regina Mills, and has been retreating into his fairy tale book to find answers. While Regina manipulated and cowered Archie early on after Emma came to Storybrooke in attempts to convince her to leave town, Archie found his backbone after being trapped in an abandoned mine with young Henry. Since then he has been Henry's biggest advocate during Regina and Emma's feud, counseling both women to do what's best for him. He also councelled Mr. Gold about his issues with his son and put David Nolan under hypnosis in an attempt to help him recover some of his missing memories.

After the Curse was broken, Archie was arguably the only friend Regina had, especially during her attempts to change for Henry. She even shared with Archie her struggles to stop using magic. However, Regina was upset and angry as she confronted Archie about him sharing her personal life with others. Later that night, Archie was kidnapped by Cora, who disguised herself as Regina. Many people believed that his fake dead body was Regina's work, which led to her imprisonment. Locked inside Captain Hook's boat for days, the real Archie was finally rescued by Belle.

First Appearance - Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot

Raphael Sbarge
Over the years he has appeared in over 30 films, including Independence Day, Pearl Harbor, Message in a Bottle and The Assassination of Richard Nixon. Other television movie roles include HBO's Breast Men, Introducing Dorothy Dandridge and Murder 101. He was a series regular on The Guardian and has made over 100 guest appearances, including recurring roles on Dexter and Big Love, and guest starring roles on Prison Break, CSI, Grey's Anatomy, 24, CSI: NY, Profiler and Star Trek Voyager.