King Leopold

By Steve Dove | Sep 19th, 2012
King Leopold King Leopold
King Leopold was a kind and generous ruler, beloved by his people. A widower, he was a loving father to young Snow White, but he wanted most for her to have a mother. When young Snow was saved from a runaway horse by Regina, the lovely daughter of a noble in his kingdom, Leopold insisted on meeting her. When he did, he knew immediately she would be a wonderful wife, queen and, most importantly, mother to Snow White. Regina was hesitant to marry a man she didn't love, but her mother, Cora, convinced her to accept. Some time later, King Leopold stumbled upon an old oil lamp. When he rubbed some dirt off of it, The Genie appeared, offering him three wishes. The King, having everything he wanted already, instead used his first wish to free The Genie and his second wish to transfer his third wish to The Genie. The King took his new friend back to his castle, where he was immediately smitten with Queen Regina. The Queen convinced The Genie to kill King Leopold, hinting that they could be together if he did. The Genie, enraptured by The Queen, snuck a deadly viper into King Leopold's bed. The snake bit the kindly King and he died almost immediately, betrayed by two people he had cared for and trusted.

First Appearance -  Season 1, Episode 11: Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

Richard Schiff
Perhaps best known for his role as Toby Ziegler on The West Wing, fans will remember Richard Schiff from recurring or guest roles on series including ER, Monk, House of Lies and NCIS. Film fans will remember him for work in films like Seven, I Am Sam and The Lost World: Jurassic Park.


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