By Steve Dove Oct 15, 2012


Not much is yet known about Lancelot's life as a Knight of The Round Table. After he arrived in The Enchanted Forest, he entered the employ of King George as his new field General, leading his armies against Snow White and Prince Charming as a soldier-for-hire. Called "Leviathan" by his enemies, he managed to capture Snow White and bring her before King George.

The King then cursed Snow with a poison that made her unable to bear children—the same curse that had afflicted his own late wife—as a way of getting revenge on Prince Charming. When Lancelot was ordered to release Snow White, he joined her in attempting to rescue Prince Charming and his mother from King George's soldiers. When Charming's mother was wounded during the battle, Lancelot accompanied them to the remains of Lake Nostos in search of its magical waters. When it becmame clear there was not enough to save both Charming's mother and Snow White from her curse, Lancelot and Prince Charming's mother conspired to get Snow White to drink the magical waters. Lancelot was able to slip her the cure as part of a last-minute wedding ceremony, where he officiated over the marriage of Prince Charming and Snow White. Snow later discovered what Lancelot had done and the two became close and trusted friends.

Some time later, Cora, The Evil Queen's mother, murdered Lancelot and assumed his identity, using it to lead a group of rag-tag survivors in a post-Dark Curse Fairy Tale Land.

First Appearance - Season 2, Episode 3: Lady of the Lake

Sinqua Walls
Most fans will recognize Sinqua Walls from his recurring roles in Teen Wolf and The Secret Life of the American Teenager. He's also been a guest star on several other hit shows including CSI, Grey's Anatomy and Friday Night Lights.