By Steve Dove | Oct 8th, 2012
Travelling with Prince Phillip on his quest to rescue his beloved Princess Aurora (aka "Sleeping Beauty"), Mulan chose to keep her identity secret from the newly awakened Princess. After the Wraith had attacked, Mulan revealed herself as a woman and Prince Phillip's comrade-in-arms. While it was clear that Phillip and Mulan had some secret history, it became apparent to Aurora that Mulan was in love with her Prince when they discovered that the Wraith was now hunting him. Mulan and Aurora joined forces to find Prince Phillip when he left them to draw the Wraith away, and when they found him, Mulan offerred to take his place as the Wraith's prey. But Phillip wouldn't hear of it and the creature attacked. Just before it claimed his soul, he turned over his shoulder and said "I love you," but it was unclear if he said it to Mulan, Aurora, or both women. Then the Wraith claimed him. Mulan was forced to tell Aurora the truth then, about The Dark Curse and how it had affected their land. Then Mulan discovered what had brought the Wraith in the first place: Emma and Mary Margaret ( Snow White). She and Aurora bound the two women and took them to an island encampment. Mary Margaret tried to escape, but Mulan stopped her and both prisoners were recaptured and thrown into a cell called "the pit."

Upon Lancelot's wish to release Mary Margaret and Emma and send Mulan to protect them, Mulan valiantly fought against the undead, ogres, and Cora. However, her ultimate goal was to protect Aurora, as Phillip had asked of her before his death. Trusting her loyalty and sense of judgment, Emma asked Mulan to leave the beanstalk if she did not come down in time with the magic compass. Fortunately, Emma came down when Mary Margaret was refusing to leave her daughter. While continuing to be on their side, Mulan raised objection when Cora wanted the compass in exchange for Aurora. In the end, Mulan fought to retrieve Aurora's heart as Emma and Mary Margaret took the portal to Storybrooke. Aurora and Mulan have been continuing their journey in hopes of bringing back Phillip.
Mulan's past was partially revealed from her brief encounter with Belle before The Curse. Mulan met Belle when she saved her from an evil beast called Yaoguai. Impressed by Belle's knowledge of her books, Mulan encouraged Belle to be a hero, just like how she proved herself to be a warrior. Belle cleverly led the beast to the water tower, pouring water to put out Yaoguai's flames and sprinkling fairy dust on him. The fairy dust miraculously reverted Prince Phillip back into his human form. It was then when Mulan met Phillip, and together they went on to save Aurora.
First Appearance -  Season 2, Episode 1: Broken

Jamie Chung
Fans may recognize Jamie Chung from her recurring role on Days of Our Lives as well as for starring in several films including Sorority Row, Grown Ups, Sucker Punch and The Hangover Part II.