Pinocchio / August W. Booth

By Steve Dove | Sep 5th, 2012
Built by his father, Geppetto, as a puppet and brought to life by the power of The Blue Fairy, Pinocchio always had a bit of a mischievous streak. But when he sacrificed himself to save his father from Monstro the whale, The Blue Fairy brought him to life as a real boy, which he would remain as long as he was brave, honest and good. He learned woodcarving from his father and, despite occasionally messing with Jiminy Cricket, was the apple of Geppetto's eye. But when The Evil Queen announced her intentions to cast The Dark Curse, The Blue Fairy called on Geppetto, the best woodcarver in the land, to fashion a vessel from the last magic tree in the forest. The power of the tree could protect two people from The Curse. Geppetto insisted that Pinocchio be one of them, and The Blue Fairy reluctantly agreed—Pinocchio and the pregnant Snow White would use the vessel. But when Snow White went into labor early, The Blue Fairy insisted that mother and newborn Emma take both spots. Geppetto refused to risk The Curse changing Pinocchio back into a wooden puppet, so he tearfully sent his son through the magic wardrobe to our world, making him promise to look after The Savior.

August W. BoothAugust W. Booth
When Pinocchio emerged from a tree in the forest not far outside of Storybrooke, Maine, he was bewildered. Moments later, baby Emma arrived the same way. He took her to a roadside diner and the two of them were put into a foster home together. But life in foster care can be hard, and when some of the older kids offerred to take him with them when they left, he left baby Emma on her own there. When Emma had settled in as the new Sheriff of Storybrooke, he arrived as a mysterious writer going by the name August W. Booth. He had spent his life running away from his responsibilities and trying to forget about how he had broken his promise to his father, but when Emma had stayed in Storybrooke, he began to turn back into a wooden puppet. His mission was to get Emma to believe in magic and break The Curse before he was turned to wood completely, but he failed. Hours before Emma broke The Curse, August's transformation became complete.
Before in Hong Kong, August tried to find a cure to his condition through a man known as The Dragon. Unfortunately, he couldn't afford the $10,000 price that was asked of him. But not too far away, he met Tamara, a friendly stranger who left her money on the bar table before August ran away with it. Tamara angrily chased him down, finally retrieving the potion before he had the chance to use it. With his leg almost transformed into wood, August was left crying in pain. He later moved into a trailer in the woods of Storybrooke, where Mary Margaret found him. While she went to call others, Tamara mysteriously showed up outside the trailer. She offered him what is remaining of The Dragon's potion in exchange for his departure from Storybrooke. In the fateful moment deciding between good and evil, August turned his car and called Emma at the Sheriff's Station. Tamara pulled the phone chords and injured August, leaving him dying before he can finish warning about the 'She' to Emma. Mother Superior, however, returned August to young Pinocchio for being " Selfless, Brave, and True."

First Appearance -  Season 1, Episode 9: True North

Eion Bailey
In television, Eion Bailey had a recurring role on Covert Affairs and has been a guest on series including 30 Rock, Cold Case and Numb3rs. Fans will also remember him for his role in the critically acclaimed mini-series Band of Brothers and in the film Fight Club.


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