Queen Eva

By Steve Dove | Mar 4th, 2013

Queen Eva

Queen Eva

A beautiful and compassionate Queen, Eva was a loving wife to King Leopold and mother to Snow White. Believing that everyone deserved love and respect, Queen Eva made certain to instill the value of goodness into her daughter, even chastising her in front of a servant when Snow spoke down to them.

Queen Eva fell suddenly ill just as Snow was coming of age. Snow White sought out the help of The Blue Fairy to heal her dying mother, and the Fairy offered her a magic candle that would trade the Queen’s life for someone else’s. But Snow White was too good to sacrifice someone else for her mother and confessed everything to Queen Eva. On her deathbed, Queen Eva told Snow how proud of her she was and how, if she kept good in her heart, they would always be together.
After Queen Eva had died, Cora appeared, speaking to the Queen’s dead body. Cora had poisoned Queen Eva to set the stage for Regina to become Queen and had posed as The Blue Fairy in an attempt to darken Snow White’s heart.

First Appearance - Season 2, Episode 15: The Queen Is Dead

Rena Sofer
An accomplished actress in both film and television, Rena Sofer has starred in hit series like General Hospital, Melrose Place, 24, Heroes and NCIS. On the silver screen she's starred in several films including Keeping the Faith and Traffic.


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