Red Riding Hood / Ruby

By Steve Dove | Sep 4th, 2012
Red Riding HoodRed Riding Hood
Red was itching to get out of her little village. She lived with her grandmother, Granny, and was constantly trapped in their little cottage at night, forced to wear her big, red, magical cloak to ward off a werewolf that would stalk the woods nearby. But her dream was to run away with her boyfriend, Peter, and see someplace new. When Red found Snow White, fresh from her escape from The Huntsman, hiding out behind her house, she and Granny took her in and the two young ladies became fast friends. They resolved to find out the identity of the werewolf and thought they had figured out that it was Peter. But when Snow told Granny that Red had tied him to a tree to keep him from hurting anyone, she found out they were wrong. Red was the wolf, a curse passed down through generations of her family. The cloak was made to stop her from changing. As the wolf, she killed Peter and she and Granny were forced to go on the run. Knowing the secret power inside of her, Red was able to control her wolf form and later joined Prince Charming in his search for Snow White as well as helped Snow attempt to rescue Charming from King George's dungeon. She and Granny joined Snow and Charming's inner circle and were two of their closest allies.

Much like in Fairy Tale Land, Ruby dreamed of going off on an adventure. Ruby wears her rebellious streak on her sleeve with her clothes—or lack thereof—and by driving a red hotrod. When Emma gives Ruby a chance to branch out and help her with policework, Ruby overcomes her fear and self-doubt and discovers what is later said to be Kathryn Nolan's (Abigail) heart buried by the old toll bridge. After the grisly discovery, Ruby decides she's not cut-out for that kind of adventure and settles into her life working at Granny's diner, where Granny tells her she hopes to leave the place to her one day. Ruby, Emma and Mary Margaret (Snow White) remain good friends, and she also has been there for Ashley Boyd (Cinderella). Dr. Whale's also been known to give her lingering looks.

Meghan Ory
In television, Meghan Ory has had recurring roles in Higher Ground, Vampire High, South Beach and True Justice. She's been a guest on Smallville, Psych and Supernatural and starred in the horror film Dark House.


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