By Steve Dove | Mar 26th, 2013

In October of 2011, Tamara was in Hong Kong, looking for a cure for cancer from a medicine man known as The Dragon. She told him that she had a rare and terminal cancer and was looking for a miracle. He told her he could proved one in exchange for a personal item of great value and $10,000. She traded him a photograph of her and her grandmother and was set to bring the cash back to The Dragon when she bumped into August Booth in a bar. She left her purse with August as she took a call and the temptation was too much for him. He stole the money and ran, taking it to The Dragon to buy a cure of his own that would stop him from turning back into wood. When August had the cure in-hand, Tamara caught up to him, chasing him through crowded alleys until the pain of his slow transformation caused him to fall over and lose his grip on the cure. Tamara took it and left August there.

The next day, Tamara brought the cure back to The Dragon. She said she'd had it analyzed by the most sophisticated techniques known to man and not a single element in it was from this world. The Dragon explained that his cure was not of this world and that he knew she was lying about having cancer. She explained that she had been searching for real magic and, now that she had found it--and him--she couldn't risk anyone else finding it too. She used a powerful taser to electrocute The Dragon, leaving him for dead.

Unbeknownst to August, Tamara kept tabs on him. She later followed him to New York City and saw him have a conversation with Neal Cassidy. August told Neal that he was on his way to a town called Storybrooke to get Emma to break The Dark Curse and that, when the Curse was broken, he'd send him a postcard. Seeing an opportunity, Tamara briskly walked toward Neal as August drove away on his motorcycle. She arranged for Neal to bump into her, spilling coffee on her blouse. Neal gave her his scarf to cover the stain and from this meeting the two became a couple.

Later, after Emma, Henry and Mr. Gold had found Neal--whose true identity is Baelfire, Rumplestiltskin's son from Fairy Tale Land--Tamara met Emma briefly and arranged to meet Neal in Storybrooke in a few days. She drove there not long after Cora and Regina were defeated. Emma counseled Neal that it was time to tell Tamara the truth about him, and he tried, but Tamara pretended not to believe him about magic or Fairy Tale Land. She then found August, who was now completely wooden, in an abandoned trailer in the woods near Storybrooke. He immediately recognized her and she offered him some of The Dragon's cure, which could restore his human form, in exchange for him leaving Storybrooke and never returning. August initially agreed, but when he found Tamara's photograph of her and her grandmother, he realized she took it from The Dragon after she killed him. He raced back to Storybrooke to warn Emma, but Tamara found him first, using her taser on him. He died in Marco's arms, unable to get his warning out. Tamara and Neal saw Mother Superior (The Blue Fairy) return August to human form, as young Pinocchio, for his noble sacrifice.

That night, Tamara met Greg Mendell--whose true identity is Owen Flynn, a boy who found Storybrooke with his father back in 1983--in his room at Granny's and the two began to kiss passionately. It became apparent that she was the mysterious "Her" on his phone and that the two of them have plans for Storybrooke and the magic that's there. Tamara and Greg kidnapped Hook to capture Regina, then Greg tortured her to find the whereabouts of his father. When Emma and Neal discovered her, Tamara admitted that she was planning this all along since they first met in New York. Then Tamara threw a magic bean to open a portal to another world. Neal fell inside instead of Emma, and Tamara went on to activate the failsafe that would kill everyone in Storybrooke. While Regina and Emma used their magic to deactivate the switch and send it back to Fairy Tale Land, Tamara and Greg headed to Neverland, taking with them Henry. It turned out that the two were working for Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. 

First Appearance - Season 2, Episode 15: The Queen is Dead

Sonequa Martin-Green

Fans will recognize Sonequa from her various recurring guest roles on some of television's hottest shows including The Good Wife, Army Wives and The Walking Dead.


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