The Huntsman / Sheriff Graham

By Steve Dove Sep 04, 2012
The HuntsmanThe Huntsman
When we meet The Huntsman, he is in his element in the woods and on the hunt. When he kills a deer to feed himself and his wolf, he cries for the noble animal's sacrifice. He has no time or respect for the world of men. He is the perfect hunter, which is just what The Evil Queen needs if she wants to kill Snow White, who remains beloved by her people in the wake of King Leopold's assassination. In exchange for her outlawing the hunting of wolves within her borders, The Huntsman agrees to carve out Snow's heart and bring it back to The Queen. But when the time comes to kill Snow White, The Huntsman finds her writing a letter to her stepmother, forgiving her for what she's done. He is so touched by this that he lets her go and takes the heart of a stag back to The Queen instead. But the deception doesn't fool her for long, and she takes The Huntsman's heart! He remains alive, her unwilling servant, with his life in her wicked hands.

Sheriff GrahamSheriff Graham
Graham's fairy tale identity remained mysterious for quite a while, with Henry unable to puzzle it out until just before the Sheriff died. Just as in Fairy Tale Land, Graham served Mayor Regina Mills (The Evil Queen) as the town Sheriff, but always had his own feelings about how she ran the town. When Emma showed up, the two of them had a flirtatious connection, with him even hiring her on as his deputy behind Regina's back. Emma began to feel something for him, too, until she discovered that he was sleeping with Regina. Things took an even stranger turn when he kissed her, awakening some of his memories of his life as The Huntsman. When it became clear to Regina that Graham was close to discovering the truth about The Curse, and worse, chose Emma over her, she snuck down to her secret vault, pulled his heart from a box, and crushed it. At the sheriff's station, he died in Emma's arms, finally remembering who he really was just as his life ended.

First Appearance - Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot

Jamie Dornan
On the big screen, he appeared in the films Marie Antoinette, directed by Sofia Coppola and starring opposite Kirsten Dunst, Jason Schwartzman and Judy Davis, Beyond the Rave and Shadows in the Sun.