The Magic Mirror / Sidney Glass

By Steve Dove | Sep 5th, 2012
The Magic MirrorThe Genie / The Magic Mirror
King Leopold was out on a walk by the sea when he stumbled upon an old oil lamp from a distant land. He rubbed some dirt off of it and out came The Genie, offering him three wishes. But the King had everything he could want, so he used his first wish to free The Genie and his second wish to transfer his third wish to him. The King took The Genie home to meet his daughter, Snow White, and his wife, Queen Regina. The Genie was immediately taken with the beautiful, young Queen and saw how sad she was being married for duty instead of love. She also seemed to be taken with him, but was overwhelmed with sorrow and planned to kill herself with a venemous snake to escape her marriage. The Genie wouldn't hear of it. He used the snake to assassinate King Leopold so he and the Queen could be together. But the snake had been from the same land that The Genie was. The guards knew what he had done. It had all been a scheme by Regina to use him as a way to eliminate King Leopold. As the guards closed in, The Genie used his one and only wish to always be by Regina's side. The magic of the wish trapped him in Regina's mirrors, where he would remain forever.

Sidney GlassSidney Glass
The editor-in-chief of The Daily Mirror, Storybrooke's local newspaper, Sidney was firmly in the pocket of Mayor Regina Mills (The Evil Queen). She called on his skills as a reporter to dig up dirt on Emma Swan and use it against her. Sidney printed all sorts of sordid details from Emma's past, including her time in prison and the contents of her sealed juvenile record. After Regina killed Graham (The Huntsman) and a new Sheriff had to be elected, Regina forced Sidney to run. When he failed to beat Emma in the election, he was stripped of his job at the paper and Regina had him cozy up to Emma, pretending that he hated the Mayor since the election and could help prove she was dirty. Emma bought the act until she found a listening device in some flowers Sidney had left at the sheriff's station. After Kathryn Nolan (Abigail) suddenly reappeared and Mary Margaret (Snow White) was cleared of any crime, Sidney took the fall to protect Regina, claiming he had abducted Kathryn as a means to becoming a local hero, writing a big story and getting his job back. Emma didn't believe a word of the confession. The last anyone has seen of Sidney Glass is a nameplate on a locked door, deep in the bowels of Storybrooke hospital.

First Appearance -  Season 1, Episode 2: The Thing You Love Most

Giancarlo Esposito
In television, fans will recognize Giancarlo Esposito from recurring or guest roles on series including Breaking Bad, Law & Order and Homicide: Life on the Street. He's also appeared in numerous films including Do The Right Thing, Malcolm X and The Usual Suspects.