A Magical Arrival: Snow and Charming's Baby Is Here!

By Lisa Weseman | May 5th, 2014

Being a family has never been easy for Snow White and Prince Charming. First, they were forced to give up their daughter Emma to protect her from the Evil Queen. When they reconnected as Mary Margaret and David in Storybrooke, their unborn second child was targeted by the Wicked Witch.

Will David and Mary Margaret finally get their happily ever after?  Watch the full episode "Kansas" and tune in to the two-hour SEASON FINALE SUNDAY 8|7c


   VIDEO: As Mary Margaret stuggles through labor, Zelena is determined to get to the baby.


  Mary Margaret and David rush to the delivery room, relying on their friends to protect them from Zelena.


 Labor is hard enough without having to worry about a Wicked Witch coming to steal your baby. 


Despite the dangerous circumstances, Mary Margaret delivers a healthy baby boy.


 After giving up Emma, David and Mary Margaret are thrilled to finally raise a child together.


David and Mary Margaret relish the time with their baby before Zelena comes after them. 


Watch the full episode "Kansas" and tune in to the two-hour SEASON FINALE SUNDAY 8|7c



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