Beanstalk to the Ceiling

By Josephine Ochej | May 1st, 2013

Once Upon a Time - Special Effects - Beanstalk


For Episode 206, when Emma and Hook climb up the beanstalk, we created several different versions of the beanstalk, including real set pieces on stage and out on location, as well as computer-generated (CG). Because the actors had to physically climb the beanstalk in some scenes, a real set piece was needed for them to interact with. Here, a member of the Art Department adds leafy flourishes to the set piece that was placed on our Greenscreen Stage, which was then enhanced by the VFX team into the giant beanstalk you see in the episode.

Note the Bluescreen behind the Beanstalk on our so-called ‘Greenscreen Stage’: we actually have BOTH Bluescreen and Greenscreen available on this sound stage, in the form of massive curtains that can be drawn to cover three of the four huge walls of the stage. Whenever the color green is part of a set piece, such as the leaves on a beanstalk, or part of a costume, a Bluescreen must be used—or the green in the set piece will ‘disappear’ when the Green background is replaced with the VFX elements. In case anyone’s wondering, we use Greenscreen a lot more than Bluescreen, hence we typically call it the Greenscreen Stage.

Photo and caption by Josephine Ochej