Practical Magic

By Josephine Ochej | May 3rd, 2013

Depending on various factors, sometimes including time and location availability, a single scene can be shot partially inside and partially outside. Dr. Frankenstein’s Fairy Tale Land lab was shot in both a wooded area in Vancouver, for the exterior shots, and, later, on the inside of a sound stage for some of the interior lab/tent shots. The stormy conditions for this scene in the woods—both natural and human-made storm effects—had to be replicated in the stage to complete the scene, so members of the Special Effects department aimed huge fans at the tent, the Grips team literally shook the trees and the tent, and members of the Electrics department added bolts of lightning, all in order to simulate the stormy effects to recreate the stormy effects for this dramatic operation scene.

Photo and caption by Josephine Ochej


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