Magical Moments: Witch Hunt

By Steve Dove Mar 17, 2014

The Wicked Witch has arrived! This episode brought some big surprises, both in the flashback to the missing year in The Enchanted Forest and in present day Storybrooke. Emma's returned to help put the pieces together and Regina's heartbreak at losing Henry is explored. And could there be some romance coming between The Evil Queen and Robin Hood?


In present day Storybrooke, everyone remembers Henry, but he can't remember them. That's hard for everyone, but maybe hardest for Regina, who sees Henry again for the first time in a year and he doesn't recognize her. It almost hurts to watch.


A year ago in The Enchanted Forest, Queen Regina has been trapped out of her own castle by a magical barrier and she has had enough of that. She's going underground through a secret passage to undo the spell and allow Snow and Charming to lead their group in, but she's not going alone. A certain thief insists on escorting her.


Regina has lowered the enchantment keeping everyone out of the castle, but now her plan is to put herself under a sleeping curse, because she can't imagine going on without Henry. But just when she's at her lowest, The Wicked Witch arrives with a shocking revelation about how they're connected.


And just like that, Regina has a reason to keep going--someone to destroy. The Wicked Witch has declared she's going to take everything Regina's ever loved and the Queen snaps back, "Bring it, Greenie."


But flashing forward a year to present day Storybrooke, it looks like Zelena, who's also made her way to the sleepy little town, has an ace up her sleeve. But what? How? Could it be? It is! The Dark One is back, and he's in the hands of The Wicked Witch!