5 Reasons Why Peter Pan is Creeping Us Out

By Steve Dove | Jun 7th, 2013
Wow! We finally have an idea of who Greg and Tamara are working for and it's Peter Pan?! What does that even mean? Isn't Peter Pan supposed to be fun and about adventure and stuff? Needless to say, Peter Pan seems to be pretty different in the world of Once Upon a Time, and here are 5 reasons why he's creeping us out!
1. He's Hunting for Henry
Wait, what? Somehow, hundreds of years ago when Baelfire wound up being found by the Lost Ones, we see that Peter Pan has his creepy minions searching for a particular boy and it's Henry! I have no idea what that means, I just know that it's freaking me out!
2. The Lost Ones
Once Upon a Time - The Lost Ones
Speaking of Peter Pan's goon squad, is it me or do these guys look significantly less pleasant than I remember hearing about. Even Captain Hook was worried about crossing them.
3. The Whole Kidnapping Thing
Once Upon a Time - Baelfire
Again, we're used to hearing the story of how Peter Pan's mischievious shadow takes the Darling children on a fun adventure and, uh, this is different. This is more like creepy nightmare shadow breaking into the room trying to steal children away forever. Yikes!
4. Peter Won't Let You Leave
Once Upon a Time - Wendy Darling
It was creepy enough when Wendy Darling came back in the morning, shaken by what she saw, but it got REALLY creepy when she told Baelfire that Peter won't let anyone who touches Neverland's soil leave. EVER.
5. Rumplestiltskin Admits He's Scared of Him
Once Upon a Time - Mr. Gold
If you weren't creeped out before, this should do it. When THE DARK ONE says this guy is someone "we all should fear," that's how you know you're dealing with one truly creepy guy.
So does Peter Pan have you creeped out, too? Share your theories about what he's really going to be like in the comments!