Once Upon a Time Travels in Style at Comic-Con 2012

By Jason Leung | Jul 13th, 2012
Once Upon a Time, Comic-Con, Comic-Con 2012
Comic-Con International, San Diego - All hail the Evil Queen! Or at least, all hail the Evil Queen's pedicab that'll taxi you around San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter during Comic-Con 2012! The Once Upon a Time pedicab is no horse and carriage, but it's a regal ride nonetheless, so hop aboard one if you're in town to catch ABC's Once Upon a Time panel. The cast and creators will be in Ballroom 20 this Saturday, July 14th at 11am fielding fan questions and showing exclusive videos. If you can't be there in person, check back here later to see the clips online!

Once Upon a Time, Comic-Con, Comic-Con 2012

Got an idea for your own regal ride? What Fairy Tale Land mode of transportation do you wish could be trapped in our world for you to use? Sound off in the comments and let us know how you would get around town Once Upon a Time-style!