Make Your Valentine's Day a Fairy Tale with the Help of Once Upon a Time and The Chew

By Steve Dove | Feb 8th, 2013
Everyone wants to make their Valentine's Day special, and there's nothing more special than a fairy tale. Now, the experts at ABC's The Chew share a fairy tale menu and decorating tips for creating the perfect fairy tale Valentine's Day date right in your own home. Go ahead and make some romance. After all, True Love is the most powerful form of magic there is.

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The menu is only the beginning. These quick and fun decorating tips can help you transform your home into your own enchanted castle. Make your night really special, just like magic, with these handy tips from the pros at

Mary Margaret and DavidTip 1: Mood Lighting

Any room can be made magical with a new take on lighting. Candles are a classic, but why not try Tulle String Lights on your table? You can transform simple Christmas lights into whimsical fairy lights by tying squares of tulle fabric onto the strings connecting the bulbs.

And don't forget the windows! You can turn ordinary windows into Fanciful Window Decor and add a little twinkle to your dining room by stringing up some Christmas lights. Just attach strings of lights to a curtain rod and hang behind sheer fabric. This easy decorating tip will set the stage for your fairytale inspired dinner.

Tip 2: Add Some Sparkle

You can bring the feeling of The Enchanted Forest into your home and transform your dining room with Magical Forest Decor! Simply spray some branches with sparkling paint adhesive and display them in large, narrow vases to add simmer and shine to your romantic meal.

Prince Charming and Snow WhiteTip 3: Tableware Fit for Royalty

For starters, try some Golden Table Settings. Reuseable gold chargers will instantly add glitz and glamour to your dining room. This elegant table top staple will make any dining room fit for a king.

And for something truly magical, try giving your glasses a Sparkling Glass Rim and add a little sparkle to your table with just a touch of fairy dust! You can easily rim your glassware by dipping the top of the glass in water, then dipping it into a shallow bowl full of edible glitter.

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