Storybrooke Secrets: Lady of the Lake

By Steve Dove | Oct 16th, 2012

Fairy Tale Land just cannot catch a break! First there's Rumplestiltskin and The Evil Queen, and now Regina's mom Cora is terrorizing what's left of The Enchanted Forest and worse, she's looking for a way to get to Storybrooke. That's one mother/daughter reunion that could cause some trouble.

There was a lot of mom stuff going around in this episode. We got to see Mary Margaret (Snow White) looking out for her daughter, Emma—and taking down an ogre!—and the tragic death of Prince Charming's mother in the Fairy Tale Land flashback. But that's enough recap, let's get to the goods. ONCE super-fans, get ready for a stroll down memory lane...

Prince Charming

When Ruth, Prince Charming's mother, is mortally wounded, Charming suggests that they take her to Lake Nostos and give her some of its magical waters. Fans will remember this as the lake Prince Charming travels to in Episode 113: "What Happened to Frederick". In that episode, he used water from the lake to change Frederick back to a normal man after he had been accidentally turned to gold by King Midas.

The Siren

While at the lake, Prince Charming picks up a crown from the dry lakebed. It belonged to the Siren that guarded Lake Nostos. Unfortunately, it seems that when Charming killed her--it was totally self-defense!--the lake dried up.

Agrabahn Viper

Time for another callback! The two-headed Agrabahn Viper that Henry finds in Regina's secret vault is the same venemous snake that The Genie used to kill King Leopold in Episode 111: "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree". No one can say Regina's not an animal lover.


Finally, a little something for our literary fans. Didn't you guys get enough after all of that Shakespeare last week? Sheesh!

Those who've read Alfred, Lord Tennyson's poem about the Arthurian legend, The Lady of Shalott, may have recognized Lancelot's line "God, in his mercy, lend her grace."

That's it for this episode. Did you guys get all of that? Is there something else we haven't uncovered yet? Share it in the comments!