Storybrooke Secrets: Tallahassee

By Steve Dove Nov 07, 2012

Emma's past has been revealed! And what's more, we finally know who that guy was from the beginning of Episode 201: "Broken"! There were a lot of big reveals in this episode, but everybody saw that stuff. What about the hidden treasures? That's why you're here. Let's see what was there for us this time.

Apollo Bars

It looks like, beyond just being petty criminals, Emma and Neal had a bit of a sweet-tooth. When the two of them are robbing the convenience store during their whole "Bonnie and Clyde" phase, Neal nabs a couple of Apollo chocolate bars. LOST fans will recognize those.


For fans who were paying attention during that first sequence in Episode 201: "Broken", you may have noticed a dreamcatcher in Neal's New York apartment. Here we see where he got that dreamcatcher. It looks like he kept it all that time, so someone's a bit sentimental.


After Emma's in jail, she gets some mail containing the keys to her yellow VW Beetle. The prison guard says it's from someone in Phuket. ONCE fans who remember WAY back to Episode 120: "The Stranger", they'll recall August saying he spent some time there. Guess he must've "forgot" to include that $20,000 Neal gave him to give to Emma.

That's all for this episode. As always, if you caught anything else, make sure to share it in the comments for your fellow fans!