Storybrooke Secrets: Child of the Moon

By Steve Dove | Nov 13th, 2012

King George, what a jerk! We still don't have the full story of how Prince Charming and Snow White took him down in Fairy Tale Land, but he sure is making his presence felt in Storybrooke. Destroying the magic portal hat and cutting off David's last hope of reaching Emma and Mary Margaret is about as dastardly as deeds come.

Everybody saw King George get his revenge, but what about some of the hidden secrets sprinkled in this episode? Let's take a look!

Child of the Moon

First off, music fans may recognize the title of this episode, "Child of the Moon." It's named after a Rolling Stones song that was the B-side on the Jumpin' Jack Flash single in 1968.

The Blue Star

Next up, keen-eyed fans might notice a very specific blue star shape on the side of Billy's truck when they find his body. The blue star is a reference to The Blue Fairy and how she appears in the Disney version of Pinocchio.

Arrowhead Earrings

Finally, throughout the episode, Ruby is wearing a pair of arrowhead earrings. These are a subtle reference to Quinn, the handsome, young werewolf who found her in Fairy Tale Land and was later killed with an arrow by one of The Evil Queen's soldiers.

That's all for this episode. Or is it? If you spotted something we missed, shout it out in the comments!


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