Storybrooke Secrets: Tiny

By Steve Dove | Feb 10th, 2013

We're back! After a brief time away, Once Upon a Time has returned with new episodes and that means new secrets to uncover. What goodies have been hidden away for us in the episode "Tiny"? Let's take a look!


Let's get started off right with a flurry of Lost references. For those who may have forgotten, ONCE show creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz were two of the writers behind Lost and they always look for fun ways to shout out to it. For instance, when Ruby comes to visit Belle in the hospital, Belle is watching Exposé, a fictional TV show from Lost, which also happened to be Hurley's favorite. Now that's he's moved into Storybrooke, I'll bet Anton will love catching up with it.

And if you listen closely, the announcer on the TV just before Exposé returns from a commercial is none other than one of Lost's creators, Damon Lindelof, reprising his vocal cameo of Bill Godwin.

Henry, Emma and Mr. Gold

Also if you're paying attention during the airport scenes, you'll notice that the flight Emma, Henry and Mr. Gold are on to New York is Ajira Airlines Flight 53. Ajira was the airline several Lost characters used to return to the mysterious island.

The Harp

For some classic fairy tale references, look to the beginning of the episode when Anton's brother crushes his golden harp. This is a reference to the English folktale Jack and the Beanstalk. Another harp appears in the pub when Anton is speaking with Jack and Prince James.

Ruby and Belle

Heading back to Ruby's hospital visit, you'll notice that she brings Belle some mementoes in a basket—a nod to the classic tale of Red Riding Hood.

Jack and the Mushroom
Finally, Jack tells Anton that she got a piece of a magical mushroom in return for slaying a Jabberwock. Both the shrinking mushrooms and the Jabberwock are featured in Lewis Carroll's famous series of novels set in Wonderland.

And that's it for this episode! Did we miss anything? Shout it out in the comments below!