Storybrooke Secrets: Manhattan

By Steve Dove | Feb 17th, 2013
The truth has finally come out! A lot of you guys called this one, but it was still amazing to see it play out. Emma and Mr. Gold are practically family now! Henry found his dad! This is one mixed-up, crazy family tree, guys. But now it's time to take a closer look and find some hidden secrets in "Manhattan."

Apartment Buzzer
You always have to look closely at things like this apartment buzzer found in Neal's building. Any time you see a big list of names in ONCE, chances are there's a hidden secret in there somewhere. Here are some of them:

- P. Lesh in apartment 403 refers to Phil Lesh, the bass guitarist for the Grateful Dead. Series co-creator Edward Kitsis is a noted fan of the band.
- Another notable name on the buzzer is T. Munson, referring to Thurman Munson, a two-time World Series-champion catcher who played for the New York Yankees throughout the 1970’s. Series co-creator Adam Horowitz is a diehard Yankees fan.


Fans will recognize this dreamcatcher from Episode 206, "Tallahassee." Emma and Neal got this dreamcatcher back when they were together and it's been a cherished memento for him ever since. Mr. Gold also showed Emma how to magically use a dreamcatcher to see how Pongo witnessed a crime in Episode 210, "The Cricket Game."


That's all we're revealing this time. Was there anything else you noticed? Share it in the comments!


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