Storybrooke Secrets: Lacey

By Steve Dove | Apr 21st, 2013
Once Upon a Time - Lacey

Welcome back, dearies! We got another look at RumBelle this week, but it looks like they've taken a dark turn. Oh well, Storybrooke could use a little more villainy. Here's what the creators hid in this episode!

Let's start at Storybrooke's favorite pawn shop. In Gold’s shop at the beginning of the episode, we see an oil lamp that looks suspiciously like the one that housed the Genie in Disney’s animated version of Aladdin. This lamp once housed the genie who would become Regina's magic mirror.

And now to Fairy Tale Land! For starters, the gold dress Belle is wearing is evocative of the iconic dress the character wore during the ballroom scene in Disney’s animated classic, Beauty and the Beast. She wore the same dress when Rumple took her captive back in the season 1 episode, “Skin Deep.”

And how about that magic bow? The bow that Rumple takes from Robin Hood is the same one he later gives to Snow White in episode 116, “Heart of Darkness.”

Finally, when Rumple confronts Belle about freeing Robin Hood, the book he makes vanish is entitled The Rise and Fall of Galaga. Galaga was an arcade game released by Namco in 1979 in which the player controlled a spaceship battling an ever-encroaching fleet of alien bugs. The ship from the game inspired the animated logo that plays at the end of every Kitsis/Horowitz production. Also, it's an awesome game and you should totally play it.

Back to Storybrooke! The matchbook Regina uses to imbue Belle with fake memories is from a bar called The Rabbit Hole. The bar’s logo is a white rabbit, a reference to the character from Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

And when Emma is looking at Henry’s storybook before her conversation with Regina, the picture on the page of Charming and Snow in Emma’s nursery is from the series' first episode. Talk about a callback.

And that's it for this episode. Did we miss anything? 


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