Storybrooke Secrets: The Evil Queen

By Steve Dove | Apr 28th, 2013
Once Upon a Time - The Evil Queen - Regina

We're keeping it short and sweet this time because The Evil Queen doesn't have patience for hidden secrets. She demands answers now! So let's get right to it before she rips out all of our hearts, shall we?

First stop is Fairy Tale Land where, in return for shifting her shape, Rumplestiltskin asks Regina to cut off all trade with King George’s realm. Eventually, this will render George’s kingdom bankrupt, setting the stage for George's alliance with Midas and the meeting of Charming and Snow White. Is there anything that guy DIDN'T plan?

And quickly to Storybrooke. Quick-witted fans will notice that the place where Regina has hidden the trigger that can destroy everything is inside Snow White’s glass coffin. Nice touch, Regina.

And that's all we have time for this time because The Evil Queen's soldiers are looking for us! If we missed anything, you'd better confess it to Queen Regina in the comments!


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