• Daniel (The Stable Boy)
    • By Steve Dove
    Daniel was a simple stable boy, and the love of Regina's life. But their love story had a tragic end thanks to an innocent girl and a controlling mother. Read More »

  • Prince Phillip
    • By Steve Dove
    Meet the dashing Prince who never gave up hope of saving his true love, Princess Aurora. But is there more to Prince Phillip's relationship with Mulan than we know? Read More »

  • Mulan
    • By Steve Dove
    This mysterious warrior Princess joined Prince Phillip in his quest to rescue his beloved Princess Aurora, but what occurred between them and does she feel more for him than just friendship? Read More »

  • Trapped in an endless sleep by Maleficent, Princess Aurora awakens to find much has changed in The Enchanted Forest. Read More »

  • Cinderella / Ashley Boyd
    • By Steve Dove
    One of the sweetest, most beautiful Princesses in all of Fairy Tale Land, Cinderella found out the hard way that all magic has its price Read More »

  • Meet the mysterious doctor known for his womanizing ways. Now that The Curse is broken, he seems reluctant to reveal his true identity. Read More »

  • King Leopold
    • By Steve Dove
    A kind and generous man, Snow White's father, King Leopold, met a tragic end Read More »

  • Henry
    • By Steve Dove
    Henry is the loving and supportive father of Regina, the young woman who would grow up to become the fearsome Evil Queen. Read More »

  • Cora
    • By Steve Dove
    The ruthless and manipulative mother of The Evil Queen, Cora is not above using her magical powers to get what she wants Read More »

  • Unlike most of the other citizens of Storybrooke, Jefferson knows all about The Curse, and it's driving him mad... Read More »