Once Upon a Time: The Book

Once Upon a Time: The Book

"Once upon a time...." Four simple words that, after more than two centuries, still have the ability to transport readers to lands of mystery, intrigue and betrayal, life and death, love and abandon. With this book of fairy tales beautifully illustrated by artist Kevin Tong, re-acquaint yourself with the stories and characters you know and love. From witches to fairies, evil queens to kindly kings, frog princes and sleeping beauties, these tales are truly meant to be shared with young and old alike. With a foreword written by the creators of ABC's Once Upon A Time, we see that these classic tales continue to endure and inspire more storytelling. Bring your family together to rediscover the magic through these pages.

Co-Creator/Executive Producer Adam Horowitz:
Snow White was the first movie I saw as a child—and in many ways it is "ground zero" for Fairy Tales... it was my introduction to storytelling. And the images of good and evil as embodied by Snow and the Queen have stuck with me ever since.

You can download a sample of the Snow White story here!

Co-Creator/Executive Producer Edward Kitsis:
Cinderella's message was a powerful one that hit me even as a child—that if you have hope, positive change is always possible no matter one's circumstances.

You can download a sample of the Cinderella story here.

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