Amelia Shepherd

Played by Caterina Scorsone


Dr. Amelia Shepherd is the youngest sister of Dr. Derek Shepherd, and like her brother, she is also an excellent neurosurgeon whose ambition in proving herself equal to her brother is only surpassed by her surgical skill. Graduating in the top of her class at Harvard, Dr. Shepherd completed her surgical residency at Johns Hopkins. She has known Dr. Montgomery for many years and views her as a close friend and sister. Dr. Shepherd recently lost a child, who was born with a fatal neurological anomaly, which caused it to last only a short while outside the womb.


Canadian actress Caterina Scorsone is well known in her native country, where her career began at the age of eight on the long-running children's program, Mr. Dressup.

In her teen years, Scorsone appeared in a number of feature films, including The Third Miracle by acclaimed Polish director Agnieska Holland (Europa, Europa) and opposite Academy Award nominee Ed Harris, as well as Strike, alongside Lynn Redgrave and Kirsten Dunst and directed by Academy Award-winner Sarah Kernochan. On television Scorsone played, among other roles, Charlie Sheen's troubled daughter in the biopic Rated X and Irena Csizmadia in Showtime's The Rescuers: Stories of Courage.

At 18 Scorsone turned in a Gemini Award-nominated performance as a lead on the hit Canadian television show Power Play. Shortly thereafter, while she was earning her bachelor's degree in post-modern theory at the University of Toronto, her career took off when she was offered a lead role playing Jess Mastriani on Lifetime's original series, Missing. Following three successful seasons on Missing, she moved to Los Angeles where, after a number of episodic roles (including a guest star on ABC's Castle), she was cast as the recurring Callie Wilkinson on Starz' Crash, opposite the late Dennis Hopper. Scorsone soon found herself in Wonderland playing a grown-up Alice for the Syfy Network's acclaimed movie of the same name, where she faced off with the intimidating Queen of Hearts—Oscar winner Kathy Bates. She also portrayed paranoid eco-terrorist who is in way over her head in Martin Campbell's thriller Edge of Darkness, opposite Mel Gibson.

Scorsone resides in Los Angeles.