Season 1
In Which Sam Receives an Unexpected Visitor
In Which Sam Receives an Unexpected Visitor
Season 1 | Episode 102 | Aired 10/02/2007
After hours of going through St. Ambrose's records, Addison finally solves her mystery. Visitor logs show that the only person who had time to switch the babies was... Duncan Stinson! Furious that he was going to get a sick baby after shelling out so much money, he switched his newborn for a healthy one. Addison calls the cops who haul the creep away.

Having solved his own mystery, Sam calls Dave to Oceanside. In front of Gloria, Sam tells Dave that he has developed a serious allergy to alcohol. What? If he keeps drinking, he'll die. Hmmm, we don’t agree with Sam about lying to a patient, but maybe it’ll get Dave the help he needs. And who wants to see Grandma going to jail, anyway?

But now it's time for the teary swapping of babies to their rightful mothers. Melinda and Beth are bawlingXXXXXand, quite frankly so are weXXXXXas they exchange parenting notes about Emily and Sarah while handing each other their proper baby. Our heart especially goes out to Melinda who is only just meeting her real daughter now and then must tragically lose her in five years to a terrible disease.

It's hard to fight back tears over that. It's so hard that even Charlotte gets choked up. Maybe she has a heart after all.


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