Season 1
In Which Addison Finds the Magic
In Which Addison Finds the Magic
Season 1 | Episode 103 | Aired 10/09/2007
Karen, with her bleeding now under control, gives Violet a piece of her mind. How dare she judge their marriage when all she hears is Doug’s side of the story! During the rant, Karen coughs blood all over Violet's face—Eww, gross!—and passes out.

Karen is diagnosed with Wegener's Disease. And she almost died. Doug acts like that's a relief, but it's obvious he's lying. That wuss is going to get bullied into staying with her.

Cooper finally uncovers what’s been turning his patient’s skin blue. The little girl has been playing in a shed where open bags of fertilizer have been poisoning her with ammonia nitratre.

Pete eventually opens up to Addison about his wife. Although his marriage stunk, he still loved her. Back at her grave, Pete yells at her for all the things she did that made him mad in life. It's a cathartic moment. Maybe he's not such a slippery ladies' man as we always thought.

Doug seems happy—in a weird way—to stay with Karen. He doesn't love her anymore, but he's at peace that he's staying with her by his own choice.

And Kathleen and Jeffrey? Pete's voodoo did the trick. They excitedly run into Oceanside to tell everyone that they've had sex. Now, if only Naomi can break that cake addiction...


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