Season 1
In Which Addison Has a Very Casual Get-Together
In Which Addison Has a Very Casual Get-Together
Season 1 | Episode 104 | Aired 10/16/2007
Addison gives Jane Doe a check-up. She's seriously underweight, but her baby is doing fine in the womb. But then Charlotte arrives from St. Ambrose claiming that "Jane" is one of hers—surprise, surprise. Her real name is Rebecca Hobart and she's actually a 5150 case, i.e. she escaped from Ambrose's psych ward. In other words, she's nuts.

Rebecca suffers from Munchausen syndrome, where she fakes being ill to get attention. She's not physically sick, she's just starving herself to get attention. And no matter how much Addison insists the girl is not faking it, Charlotte demands she return to St. Ambrose.

Then, Michael returns from opening up his heart to the love of his young life, just as Cooper suggested. Except, now Michael has a bloody nose and a black eye. He wasn't in love with a girl at all. Michael is in love with his best friend, Brian, who didn't take the news too well. Plus, Cooper cops out of opening his heart to the love of his life: Violet.

As Charlotte prepares to take Rebecca away, Sam is so impressed with Addison's concern for her that he’s able to get one more hour to find out if she actually does have a physical ailment. But, at this point, even Addison isn’t sure the girl isn’t crazy.

All the doctors at Oceanside put their heads together. Is Rebecca crazy or sick? Sam's the one who has the brainstorm. If Rebecca isn't lying then she could have an autoimmune deficiency so that her intestines are not absorbing nutrients.

But, it's too late. Charlotte has snuck Rebecca back to St. Ambrose. Racing over there, Sam and Addison convince Charlotte to order a GI Camera study to prove their theory, which turns out to be correct. Rebecca has Crohn's Disease, which is easily treatable.

Crisis averted, Sam and Addison return to Oceanside to see their co-workers lounging around sipping wine. Addison gives them all the what-for for blowing off her party to sit by themselves in the office. But, they claim they've all just been waiting for Addison to return before heading to her house. Oh, so they aren't rude after all?

Everyone retires to Addison's for some food, booze and casual conversation.


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