Season 1
In Which Sam Gets Taken for a Ride
In Which Sam Gets Taken for a Ride
Season 1 | Episode 107 | Aired 11/13/2007

It's Babypalooza day for the Oceanside docs. But before the birthday parties begin, Addison and Pete take a timeout to make out in the storeroom. Addison claims she doesn't want to be another notch in Pete’s acupuncture table (sounds painful), but he must be a good kisser because she eventually relents and agrees to meet him that night at her place.

But work comes first, as they have to assist Susan McCullough, the pregnant widow of a cop killed in the line of duty. In the Oceanside lobby, several police officers have gathered in support of Susan. Seeing all those boys in blue gets Addison extremely hot and bothered or, as she puts it, she's "en fuego." One officer, Kevin Nelson, particularly catches her eye. Wait, what about Pete?!

Susan, who's a control freak, has a panic attack in the birthing tub. The reality of her husband not being at her side hits hard. Addison jumps into the tub and sits behind Susan, wrapping her arms around the distraught woman, talking soothingly in her ear. Susan pushes and a baby boy is born.


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