Season 2
Let It Go
Let It Go
Season 2 | Episode 205 | Aired 11/04/2008

With Oceanside in bankruptcy, isn’t there anything anyone can do to save the practice? The problem is that most of the doctors are more concerned with sex than they are with money; Pete worries that he can’t keep being with Meg since she smokes like a chimney, Cooper and Charlotte get tested for STDs so they can finally have unprotected sex and Naomi and Sam get caught in the act by their teenage daughter Maya, who is thrilled her parents are getting back together.

Only Addison comes up with a new business plan. Whew. But, when she tries to lay it out with the rest of the staff, they all rush off to celebrate “Jenna’s Day.”

Wait, who’s Jenna? She’s a 17-year-old terminally ill girl, and a long time Oceanside patient, who is at long last prepared to retrieve her eggs so she can finally have her greatest wish fulfilled: To become a mother.


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