Season 2
Serving Two Masters
Serving Two Masters
Season 2 | Episode 206 | Aired 11/18/2008
Pete, Cooper and Sam are hanging at a bar, scoping out the ladies and trying to get Sam back in the game. Cooper offers to “take one for the team” and goes over and picks up on Charlotte, who they didn’t recognize at first from behind. Pete and Sam are left mouth-open in disbelief when Cooper walks right past them and out the door with Charlotte. The next morning Pete, Sam and the rest of the staff put two and two together and realize that Cooper has actually been dating Charlotte.

The incessant ruckus coming from the construction floor is driving most of the staff insane, in particular Violet, who is fed up and decides to investigate the source. She quickly arrives at the epicenter and finds Charlotte (aka Cruella) sporting a hard hat. Turns out Charlotte is the new lessee and is up to no good, planning to open up a competitive practice within the confines of Oceanside Wellness, something she has failed to mention to Cooper and the rest of the staff.


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