Season 2
Season 2 | Episode 211 | Aired 01/07/2009


Before the crisis hits, Naomi asks Addison for a favor, one that will benefit the smarmy, despicable Wyatt. One of Wyatt's patients, Claudia, has had her uterus destroyed by chemotherapy. Only a skilled surgeon like Addison can successfully implant an ovary in Claudia so she can get pregnant again.

As Naomi and Addison negotiate, Cooper examines Michael, a young boy whose mother, Darlene, thinks he has a cold. But, the pediatrician is alarmed to discover that his patient actually has the measles. Cooper orders the immediate sealing off of Oceanside—nobody can get in or out!—until everybody who needs to be inoculated is.

It's a tense situation that becomes even more complicated when Darlene refuses to have her youngest son, Will, be given the measles vaccine. Darlene believes it was that vaccine that gave her middle son, Jeffrey, autism two years earlier. Do vaccines cause autism? It's a complicated issue we're not sure how to sort out. Who's right here?


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