Season 2
Season 2 | Episode 218 | Aired 03/11/2009

"Finishing or starting?" An innocent question can lead to all kinds of possibilities.

A cute surgeon, Dr. Noah Barnes (Josh Hopkins), asks that very question of Dr. Addison Montgomery while they both scrub up in the OR. She's finishing up a procedure while he's about to remove a tumor from an 12-year-old girl's heart. By the way, did we mention Dr. Barnes is cute? Like, way cute? Are these two flirting with each other?

At Oceanside, Sonya continues to give Sam the cold shoulder after he moaned out his ex-wife's name in bed. So, of course Sam turns to Naomi for advice on how to handle the situation. Really? His ex-wife? She advises him to take his new girlfriend to their old favorite restaurant. Uh, why?

Also, Addison treats a new patient, Morgan, a newly pregnant woman still feeling the sting of a previous miscarriage. She just can't lose this fetus, too. Happily, Addison reports that the baby will be fine—as long as Morgan abstains from sex with her husband for the rest of the pregnancy.

As for Dr. Barnes' young patient, Annie, her tumor was too large to be fully removed. She cries because her regular doctor promised she'd be ok. The doctor who made that promise? Dr. Cooper Freedman.


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